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Rail not kept in inventory can be ordered upon request

Item #GaugeLengthHole SpacingTypeDescription
G1201126’3″6’3″Type 1Guardrail
G1201 TY 2126’3″6’3″Type 2Guardrail
G1201A126’3″3’1.5″Type 1Guardrail
G1201A TY 2126’3″3’1.5″Type 2Guardrail
G12025129’4.5″3’1.5″Type 1Guardrail
G12025 TY 2129’4.5″3’1.5″Type 2Guardrail
G12025 TY 2 HDG129’4.5″3’1.5″Type 2Guardrail Hot Dipped Galvanizing
G12025PC129’4.5″3’1.5″Type 1Guardrail Powder Coated
G12031212’6″6’3″Type 1Guardrail
G1203 TY2 HDG1212’6″6’3″Type 2Guardrail Hot Dipped Galvanizing
G1203PC1212’6″6’3″Type 1Guardrail Powder Coated
G1203A1212’6″3’1.5″Type 1Guardrail
G1203A TY21212’6″3’1.5″Type 2Guardrail
G1203A TY2 HDG1212’6″3’1.5″Type 2Guardrail Hot Dipped Galvanizing
G12051225′6’3″Type 1Guardrail
G1205 TY 21225′6’3″Type 2Guardrail
G12071212’6″7 HoleType 1T101 Transition Guardrail
G12091225′3’1.5″Type 1Guardrail
G1209 TY 21225′3’1.5″Type 2Guardrail

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