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Miscellaneous Bolts and Screws

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Bolts and Screws
B140304A1/4″ X 3″ HEX HD BOLT
B5160104A5/16″ X 1″ HEX BOLT GR.5
B5160304A5/16″ X 3″ HEX BOLT GR.5
B51607504A5/16″ X 7 1/2″ HEX HD. BOLT Gr.5
B120204A1/2″ X 2″ HEX HD BOLT Gr.5 Full Thread
B120504A1/2″ X 5″ HEX HD BOLT Gr.5
B5801545/8″ X 1 1/2″ HEX HD BOLT Gr.2
B5802045/8″ X 2″ HEX HD. BOLT
B580204A5/8″ X 2″ HEX HD BOLT Gr.5
B580304A5/8″ X 3″ HEX HD BOLT Gr.5
B580604A5/8″ x 6″ HEX HD BOLT Gr. 5
B5807545/8″ x  7 1/2″ HEX. HD. BOLT
B580804A5/8″ X 8″ HEX HD BOLT Gr.5
B580904A5/8″ x  9″ HEX. HD. BOLT GR. 5
B5810045/8″ x  10″  HEX. HD. BOLT
B340854A3/4″ x 8 1/2″ HEX HEAD BOLT GR. 5
B101604A1″ x 16 HEX HD BOLT GR.5
Guardrail Bolts
B5801225/8″ x 1 1/4″ HGR SPLICE BOLT
B5810025/8″ x 10″  HGR POST BOLT
B5818025/8″ x 18″  HGR POST BOLT

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